Joe Biden Claims He’ll Undo Trump’s Immigration Policies Within First 100 Days

Former Vice President Joe Biden laid forth a formal immigration plan on Wednesday which he would look to implement if he were to win the presidency.

Biden’s proposals would end or reserve nearly all of President Trump’s current immigration policies within the first 100 days of a potential Biden administration.

ABC News reports:

Some of Biden’s biggest proposals from his immigration plan include reinstating the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program first created during the Obama Administration, working with Congress to create a pathway to citizenship for the 11 million undocumented immigrants currently in the United States, and reversing the Trump administration’s asylum policies that restrict the number of migrants seeking humanitarian refuge in the U.S.

During a campaign stop in Las Vegas, Biden explained his immigration policies would shift to extending aid to other countries in Central and South America.

“We should be engaging and offering our help to organize this hemisphere right now, because you’re going to have the destabilization of countries from Belize to Brazil to Colombia because of the millions of people that are fleeing from Venezuela, because that thug who runs Venezuela. And we should be saying what we tried to do in Europe,” Biden said at the event.

“Why in God’s name aren’t we saying, ‘OK, we’re going to organize the world and the country, the hemisphere to deal with providing for the additional burden it places on those countries and provide for temporary protective status for those Venezuelans who are being persecuted now and are fleeing?’ That’s what we should be doing,” he continued. “We should not be ending temporary protected status for people to have to go back to places where they cannot—they cannot go.”

Throughout Biden’s presidential campaign, he has sought to balance his relationship with former President Obama, including having to at times separate himself from his policies.

Biden’s balancing act of when to invoke his experience operating under the Obama administration was on display during an exchange with a Disneyland worker named Isaac Crop.

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ABC News reports Crop noted there were more people deported under Obama than there have been under Trump and asked Biden how he would do things differently than the former president.

“There are more people deported, more people deported during your administration, and we condemn Donald Trump for this same thing. My question for you is if you’re elected president, what are you going to do that it’s different during your presidency?” Crop asked per the report.

ABC News adds:

Biden in his response and his campaign in a briefing with reporters underscored that the former vice president cares about the impact of such policies on families.

“Number one, we understand the incredible pain of a family being separated or sending [them] back—incredible pain,” Biden told Crop. “And as I said at the outset, it’s all about, in my view, family. And so, for example, there’s no reason why a—someone here on a green card should have to choose.”


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