Watch Leftists Melt Like Snowflakes When Neil Gorsuch Says ‘Merry Christmas’ On Fox News

Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch triggered a number of people online when he was hosted by “Fox & Friends” to promote his new book.

Mainstream media personalities and leftists were in an uproar that Gorsuch, who is expected to independently and fairly rule on the Supreme Court, started the interview telling host Ainsley Earhardt, “Merry Christmas.”

The Daily Caller reports: “Leftwing critics suggested the justice was signaling his sympathies with people disturbed at the secularization of American public life by saying ‘Merry Christmas’ instead of its capacious alternative ‘Happy Holidays.'”

Check it out:

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Others were frustrated Gorsuch had picked the conservative network to promote his new book, “A Republic, If You Can Keep It.”

The Daily Wire reports:

Left-wing political commentators whined over the supposedly “partisan” appearance, though there was no such outrage over Gorsuch appearing on CNN earlier this year, or other Supreme Court Justices taking interviews with NPR, MSNBC, and far-left late night host Stephen Colbert.





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