WINNING: Trump Campaign Shares Unemployment-By-President Comparison Chart

As more and more information concerning President Trump’s economy gets released, it becomes more and more clear why Democrats were so reliant on impeaching him and trying to remove him from office.

They do not stand a chance against Trump’s handling of the economy.

A recent side-by-side comparison chart, showing the last six presidents and their average unemployment rates within the first 35 months of their term, is the latest proof.

Trump bested each of the most recent presidents with the lowest unemployment rate of 3.9 percent, the Western Journal reports.

3.9 percent unemployment.

That number is untouchable and no president even got close.

Former President George W. Bush and his father, George H. W. Bush came second and third respectively with scores of 5.5 percent and 5.9 percent. Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan came next, with scores of 6.2 percent and 9 percent, respectively.

Former President Obama was dead last, with 9.3 percent, as he had to turn the country away from the economic crippling effects of the 2008 housing crisis and the resulting recession.

As the Western Journal reports, Fox Business host Deirdre Bolton shared the chart on Fox Nation’s “Deep Dive” and said it was one Trump’s campaign should plaster “absolutely everywhere.”

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“If I were the Trump campaign, I would just be plastering that absolutely everywhere,” she said.

According to the Western Journal, Democrats have tried to paint the roaring economy as something that is only benefiting the top 1 percent—but that’s dead wrong.

Fox Business host Charles Payne, during the same “Deep Dive” segment, noted workers’ wages were rising as a higher percentage than their supervisors.

“The first time it happened was September of 2018,” Payne said. “And it’s happened every single month, except one, where blue-collar workers’, not supervisory workers’, wages have grown faster than their supervisors’. It’s amazing.”

Democrats have been wrong on Trump and his handling of the economy from even before he was in the White House.

Remember their apocalyptic predictions of what would happen to the stock market, to Wall Street, and the country if he were to win the presidency?

From the Western Journal:

If the Trump campaign wanted to decimate whoever the Democratic candidate is, this chart would be what they’d plaster everywhere — simply because no one in the field has an answer to it.

And remember, Trump was supposed to destroy the economy.

First it was that he was unhinged and inexperienced.

Then it was that trade wars would decimate us.

Then it was that a recession was just around the corner, talk that curiously seemed to disappear about the same time impeachment kicked into high gear.

Now it’s that Trump’s economic proposals have solely benefited the rich.

None of that is true.

Unemployment is low, the stock market and GDP are high, and economic indicators are good.

Winning. Winning. Winning.