‘Game Over’: Trump Shares Video Of Bolton Directly Contradicting His Own Claims

President Trump is again pushing back on former U.S. Ambassador John Bolton, claiming his recent “bombshell” evidence is a big ol’ nothing burger.

An excerpt from Bolton’s new book was leaked to mainstream media and claimed President Trump absolutely tied the release of foreign aid to Ukraine on them launching an investigation into former Vice President Joe Biden.

The claim was exactly what Democrats have been looking for in the ongoing impeachment trial and now they want him to testify in the ongoing Senate impeachment trial. (Notably, House Democrats did not subpoena Bolton to testify when they headed the impeachment process.)

But, Trump is fighting back—using Bolton’s own words against him.

Sharing a video of Bolton on Twitter, the president showed Bolton previously supported the July 25 call between Trump and the Ukrainian President—which has been at the center of the impeachment drama—calling it “very warm and cordial.”

“I will be meeting President Zelensky. He and President Trump have already spoken twice. The president called to congratulate President Zelensky on his election and on his success in the parliamentary election,” Bolton is seen saying of the calls, per BizPac Review.

“They were very warm and cordial calls,” he continued. “We’re hoping they’ll be able to meet in Warsaw for a few minutes together, because the success of Ukraine, maintaining its free, its system of representative government, a free-market economy free of corruption, and dealing with the problems of the Danbass in the Crimea are high priorities here, obviously, but high priorities for the United States, as well.”

BizPac Review reports:

In other words, in the book Bolton claims that he had issues with the president’s second phone call with Zelensky. Yet his statements to Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty seem to contradict these claims.

The former national security adviser also reportedly describes a phone conversation he had with the president in August, the same month he went on to speak positively to Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty about Trump’s Ukraine policy.

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Congressional Democrats have claimed that this temporary freezing of aid was at the center of a disputed quid pro quo demand that the president used to try to coerce Zelensky into launching investigations into the 2016 election and Biden.

“GAME OVER!” Trump wrote in a tweet alongside the video.


Trump previously said he never told Bolton that the investigations and the aid should be tied.

“I NEVER told John Bolton that the aid to Ukraine was tied to investigations into Democrats, including the Bidens. In fact, he never complained about this at the time of his very public termination,” Trump said in a series of tweets.

“If John Bolton said this, it was only to sell a book,” he claimed.

“With that being said, the transcripts of my calls with President Zelensky are all the proof that is needed, in addition to the fact that President Zelensky & the Foreign Minister of Ukraine said there was no pressure and no problems,” the president continued.

Adding: “Additionally, I met with President Zelensky at the United Nations. (Democrats said I never met) and released the military aid to Ukraine without any conditions or investigations – and far ahead of schedule. I also allowed Ukraine to purchase Javelin anti-tank missiles. My Administration has done far more than the previous Administration.”

It should be noted that the White House is also preventing Bolton from publishing his book as it stands, claiming it contains several instances of classified information.