GOP Rep: ‘If Joe Biden Would Have Won… We Probably Would Have Some Results’

The Iowa Caucus on Monday night was a disaster for all those involved, but some people online are claiming the firestorm may have been a result of who actually won the primary contest.

The theory was even floated by Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz who predicted the results would already have been known if former Vice President Joe Biden had actually won.

Speaking with Fox News host Shannon Bream, Gaetz claimed there would be no need for the delay as the Democrat Party’s favored candidate would have proudly been declared the winner.

But, if Biden did not win, then Gaetz claimed the results may have been intentionally kept secret.

The Flordia Republican said it would be “catastrophic” for Biden and his campaign if he did not place within the top three in the Iowa Caucus.

“I mean, everyone from the Trump campaign that was out in these precincts got reports as to what was going on in the rooms with the Democrats,” Gaetz said, per Breitbart.

“We’ve heard from a lot of our colleagues that Joe Biden was failing to meet viability, bare viability,” the Florida representative said, speculating that Biden may have severely underperformed in the caucus. “I mean, look, if we’d have gotten these results, Joe Biden might have gotten out of the race tonight. If he — what if he was fourth place tonight? The former vice president of the United States, who can’t break the top three in his own party. It could be catastrophic.”

“Listen, I’ve got a guess for you, Shannon, if Joe Biden would have won tonight, we probably would have some results right now,” Gaetz concluded.

As Politico reports, the Iowa Democratic Party announced on Tuesday morning that they are intending to release the results “as soon as possible today.”

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Here’s more from the report:

The lack of timely results has infuriated presidential campaigns, scuttling an accurate narrative out of the first-in-the-nation caucus state and forcing candidates to move on to New Hampshire without clarity over who exactly won Iowa and in what order.

Campaigns were apoplectic Monday, demanding answers from the party as time ticked away and they feared every moment lost would undermine the credibility and impact of the results.


The issues stemmed from a glitch with a reporting app, which precinct chairs complained was not functioning properly. The party on Tuesday said the app was reporting only partial data.

“We have determined that this was due to a coding issue in the reporting system. This issue was identified and fixed,” the party said in a statement. “The application’s reporting issue did not impact the ability of precinct chairs to report data accurately.”

Staff then had to enter data manually. “This took longer than expected. As part of our investigation, we determined with certainty that the underlying data collected via the app was sound,” the statement said.