‘Full Vindication’: Trump Team Takes Victory Lap After Impeachment Hoax

President Trump was acquitted on Wednesday afternoon on both impeachment charges against him.

Those words undoubtedly have a different tone depending on the party that hears them.

To Trump and Republicans, years of investigations are over. Years of turmoil and political spite have ended. Years of Democrats trying to overturn the legitimate results of the 2016 presidential election are done.

To Democrats, these words will be a reminder—forever—that they failed to topple Trump. They failed, even skirting the U.S. Constitution at times and orchestrating the most partisan impeachment process in U.S. history. Democrats, after years of trying to defeat Trump, are now forced to admit they were the ones defeated.

Then came the victory lap…

The president’s team was quick to boast of his newly-found innocence, with the Republican Party, his 2020 campaign team and his White House team all sharing the result.

The Daily Wire reports Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel released the following statement after Trump’s acquittal:

“Today’s vote to acquit President Trump ends the latest political witch hunt, a dark moment in our nation’s history, that wasted millions of taxpayer dollars. Once again, Democrats have failed in their quest to erase the votes of 63 million Americans and destroy a duly-elected President. The American people won today, but they will not forget the division that Democrats brought upon our country for three years. This November, voters will hold Democrats accountable at the ballot box and vote to re-elect President Trump and Republicans across the board.”

Trump Campaign Manager Brad Parscale echoed these sentiments in a statement of his own.

“President Trump has been totally vindicated and it’s now time to get back to the business of the American people. The do-nothing Democrats know they can’t beat him, so they had to impeach him,” he said.

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“This terrible ordeal was always a campaign tactic to invalidate the 2016 votes of 63 million Americans and was a transparent effort to interfere with the 2020 election only nine months away,” Parscale continued per the Daily Wire. “And since the President’s campaign only got bigger and stronger as a result of this nonsense, this impeachment hoax will go down as the worst miscalculation in American political history.”

White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham also celebrated Trump’s innocence, saying: “Today, the sham impeachment attempt concocted by Democrats ended in the full vindication and exoneration of President Donald J. Trump. As we have said all along, he is not guilty.”

“The Senate voted to reject the baseless articles of impeachment, and only the President’s political opponents – all Democrats, and one failed Republican presidential candidate – voted for the manufactured impeachment articles,” she continued.

Grisham added:

In what has now become a consistent tradition for Democrats, this was yet another witch-hunt that deprived the President of his due process rights and was based on a series of lies. Rep. Adam Schiff lied to Congress and the American people with a totally made up statement about the President’s phone call. Will there be no retribution? Speaker Nancy Pelosi also lied to the American people about the need to swiftly pass impeachment articles they dreamt up, only to sit on them for a month before sending over to the Senate. In the Senate, the Democrats continued to make their political motivations clear – Rep. Schiff proclaimed the issues “cannot be decided at the ballot box” – proving once again they think they know better than the voters of this country. This entire effort by the Democrats was aimed at overturning the results of the 2016 election and interfering with the 2020 election.

Throughout this wholly corrupt process, President Trump successfully advanced the interests of the United States and remained focused on the issues that matter to Americans. He spent his time achieving real victories for the people of this country, and the Democrats – once again – have nothing to show for their fraudulent schemes. The President is pleased to put this latest chapter of shameful behavior by the Democrats in the past, and looks forward to continuing his work on behalf of the American people in 2020 and beyond.