WATCH: Warren Says The U.S. Needs ‘Race-Conscious Laws’

Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren wants Congress to pass “race-conscious laws” to help deal with criminal injustice across the country.

During the most recent Democratic presidential debate, Warren said “race has totally permeated” the criminal justice system in the United States—and she has a solution.

“You know, for the exact same crime, study after study shows that African-Americans are more likely than whites to be detained, to be arrested, to be taken to trial, to be wrongfully convicted, and to receive harsher sentences,” she said, standing on the debate stage standing between Mayor Pete Buttigieg and former Vice President Joe Biden.

“We need to rework our criminal justice system from the very front end on what we make illegal all the way through the system and how we help people come back into the community,” Warren continued.

“But we cannot just say that criminal justice is the only time we want to talk about race specifically,” she also said. Concluding, “We need to start having race-conscious laws.”

Watch a video of her making the comments below:

As Twitchy reports, Wall Street Journal columnist Kimberley Strassel noted “race-conscious laws” are the very thing the country has spent decades fighting against.

“Think about that. Isn’t that what we spent so long trying to make sure we didn’t have?” Strassel said in a series of tweets.

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“Just to expand this thought: Can anyone imagine the meltdown if that phrase came out of a Republican mouth?” she added.

Here’s how some other people responded to Warren’s comment, per the report: