‘Dumbest Damn Thing I Have Ever Heard’: Gowdy Crushes Dems For Attacking Barr

Former South Carolina Republican Congressman Trey Gowdy is not impressed with Democratic lawmakers that are looking to take action against Attorney General William Barr.

Barr is facing backlash after he overrode the sentencing recommendation of four federal prosecutors looking to lock up 67-year-old Roger Stone. The lawyers recommended a seven to nine-year sentence, but Barr overrode it, saying the Department of Justice would defer the sentence to the judge.

Democrats, from members of Congress to presidential candidates, were enraged by the announcement and said Barr should resign over interference—some argued it was even impeachment worthy.

That’s the “dumbest damn thing I have ever heard,” Gowdy said during an interview with Fox News Martha MacCallum, as the Western Journal reports.

“The prosecutors wanted nine years. Bill Barr thinks that two or three years is more proportional, and the only difference between the two is whether or not you count this eight-level enhancement for actively threatening a witness,” said Gowdy, a former federal prosecutor.

“If you didn’t have that enhancement, then everyone would agree that Bill Barr’s view of the guidelines is accurate,” he predicted. “So the judge is going to decide whether or not that enhancement is appropriate — supported by the facts.”

“Martha, this was a trial. She presided over the trial. She listened to the witnesses,” Gowdy said of the federal judge. “She’s uniquely well-positioned to decide whether or not that enhancement should be in play.”

“The notion that Bill Barr should resign is about the dumbest damn thing I have ever heard,” Gowdy added. “There are child pornographers who don’t get nine years, Martha. There are people who rob banks who don’t get nine years.”

Watch his comments below:

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One Democrat at the forefront of calls for Barr to resign or potentially face impeachment is presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren.

“Congress must act immediately to rein in our lawless Attorney General. Barr should resign or face impeachment,” she said in a series of tweets.

President Trump has also been outspoken on the issue, defending Stone in several tweets and calling the case “totally out of control.”