Trump Trolls Every Liberal When He Refers To Himself As A ‘King’

President Trump set off a number of liberals on Saturday when he cheekily referred to himself as a “king” in a tweet about the Senate impeachment trial.

On Saturday morning, Trump quoted Ralph Waldo Emerson and his famous line: “When you strike at a king, you must kill him”—clearly referencing the Senate’s vote to acquit the president on both impeachment charges.

“Ralph Waldo Emerson seemed to foresee the lesson of the Senate Impeachment Trial of President Trump,” the president tweeted, before adding the Emerson quote.

“Mr. Trump’s foes struck at him but did not take him down,” Trump added in the tweet. And, “The Greatest Witch Hunt In American History!”

Here’s the president’s tweet:

Some people saw the joke for what it was: a comment strategically aimed to set off liberals:

And it did.

Liberals erupted over the tweet. Check out some reactions below:


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