Report: Bernie Sanders’ Foreign Policy Threatens America’s Standing As World Leaders

If people are worried about Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ excessive spending on all his “free” programs, they might also be discouraged to see his disastrous foreign policy ideas.

“If you believe the fundamental premise that the country and the world as a whole is better off with the United States at the top of the food chain, unparalleled by China, Russia, and our other dangerous adversaries, you have a vested interest in preventing a Bernie Sanders presidency,” conservative pundit Jordan Schachtel wrote in a Washington Examiner op-ed.

According to the op-ed, America would have a “blame America first” foreign policy—rather than an “American First” ideology under President Trump.

Schachtel wrote a Sanders’ system would be more akin to ones like former U.S. President Woodrow Wilson or Barack Obama.

From the op-ed:

In Iraq and Afghanistan, we have very little to show for all of the blood and treasure spilled to advance the Beltway and Pentagon elite’s war and diplomatic strategies.

Sanders is absolutely within his rights to savage some of these foreign policy disasters, which, again, are widely condemned as disasters for a reason. But his solutions to our foreign policy problems would result in utter disaster for America’s place in the world.

First and foremost, Sanders, who does not exactly have a reputation as a cost-cutter, has called for slashing the U.S. military budget, largely so that he can bring in cash for his multitrillion-dollar social welfare programs. At a time when China is fully invested in challenging U.S. global hegemony, cutting the military budget (which, by the way, is much different than calling for a righteous audit of waste and abuse in military spending) gives Beijing a path to disrupt Pax Americanaand undoubtedly threaten global stability.

“His public statements regularly reflect an understanding that if America would only get out of the way, everyone would be better off,” the op-ed continues, noting Sanders regularly will criticize American intervention whether the other country involved is a friend or foe.

The op-ed also claims Sanders’ would flip the script on foreign allies and enemies.

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He would oppose traditional Middle Eastern allies like “Israel, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, and others” and instead prop up Iran as a new golden standard of what happens when America does not intervene in a country.

Schachtel describes Sanders’ worldview as “naive and historically bonkers,” as he would thrust international responsibility on the United Nations.

While Schachtel credits Sanders’ criticisms of a destructive foreign policy which preceded Trump (though it is still maintained in its bureaucratic members), he said his policies are non-solutions and would only lower the U.S. standing in the world.