Ilhan Omar Says ‘No One Should Take the Life Of Another,’ Gets Crushed For Double Standard

Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar told her supporters that there should be absolutely no reason for someone to take the life of another individual.

In a tweet about a recent death penalty case, Omar said: “No one should take the life of another.”

“That includes the government,” she added, referencing Nathaniel Woods state-sanctioned execution in Alabama.

If the congresswoman did believe “no one should take the life of another” then she ought to be vehemently opposed to abortion—the literal killing of an individual—right?

But she does support abortion. Even up to the moment of its natural birth. She has also refused to back a bill which would require doctors to care for a child after it is birthed, should it survive an abortion attempt.

Several people online criticized the congresswoman’s double standard:

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