U.S. Investor Spreads Coronavirus Hysteria: Says 480,000 People Will Die Over 2 Next Months

The world is still searching for a solution as the Coronavirus continues to devastate the globe—bringing symptoms and even death in its wake.

The reality is that more than tens of thousands of people have been affected in dozens of countries, including China, Iran, and Italy, and more than 2,000 have died:

  • As of February 24, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports more than 76,000 have been infected with 2,462 deaths reported.
  • CNBC reports, as of March 8, these numbers have risen to at least 89,000 people infected and 3,000 deaths.
  • “Italy’s government has placed more than 16 million people — a quarter of the population — under lockdown, in a drastic bid to prevent the spread of coronavirus,” NBC News reports.

While these figures appear daunting, the mortality rate for the most infected place in the world, China, is only 2 percent. Click here to learn more.

While the outbreak is still within the first four months, the Coronavirus is incomparable to even the most common diseases. In the U.S. alone, the CDC reports over 55,600 people died to influenza and pneumonia in 2017. That would equate to over 18,500 deaths in the same span for the Coronavirus.

But the potentiality of the Coronavirus is what is really worrying people.

The American stock market has wavered since the Coronavirus outbreak began, bringing one of the worst weeks for the markets in more than a decade. And, the uncertainty for how the Coronavirus is causing uncertainty in market investors.

One of these investors, Seth Bannon, founder of Fifty Years, Amicus, and Impact Tech, is preparing for the worst. He took to Twitter with what he claimed was the American Hospital Association’s “Best Guess Epidemiology” for how the Coronavirus will pan out.

According to the prediction he shared, more than 480,000 people will die from the Coronavirus over the next month—in the U.S. alone!

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The claim seems to be more hysteria than fact, however, as the report he cites is not confirmed by the AHA.

“You’re spreading disinformation,” one user responded, noting the AHA allows individuals to provide their own respective views that are not necessarily endorsed by the page.


Twitchy reports: “Guess tweeting out that SOME GUY in a webinar claimed the hospitals would totally and completely FAIL because of the coronavirus doesn’t have quite the impact as claiming the American Hospital Association said it. Seriously, we’re not sure what’s more dangerous at this point, the virus itself or the melodramatic idiots trying to panic an entire country.”

And other people who responded to the post shared those thoughts: