CNN Mistakenly Calls Mississippi For Sanders Despite Biden Winning Every County, Quickly Corrects The Record

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was declared the winner in Mississippi’s primary on Tuesday evening despite losing every county.

So how did it happen? “The most trusted name in news” got it dead wrong.

“We have our first projection of the night … Bernie Sanders,” CNN host Wolf Blitzer said with the screen showing Sanders triumphant in the state, BizPac Review reports. The screen was wrong and the error was quickly caught.

“Not, not happening right now,” he quickly corrected as the screen went to black. It then changed to accurately show former Vice President Joe Biden as the winner.

The screen then went black again and shifted between Biden and a blank screen as Blitzer accurately reported the winner.

“Joe Biden is the winner of the Mississippi primary. Joe Biden carries Mississippi primary. Joe Biden carries Mississippi. There we have it right there. You can see it,” the host continued.

“Oh, maybe you can’t see it,” he added. “We’ll fix that technical problem. But the most important thing is this: Joe Biden is the winner in Mississippi.”

Check it out:



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