‘We Need to Bring The Party Together’: Yang Endorses Biden

Former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang has now endorsed former Vice President Joe Biden to win the Democratic nomination.

Yang, who ran against Biden before dropping from the race last month and joining CNN as a contributor, said the Democratic Party will need to be united to take on President Trump in November.

The entrepreneur then said that Biden is the candidate who will “bring the party together.”

As Biden is widening his delegate lead over Sanders, Yang’s endorsement adds to a lengthy list of former presidential candidates to back Biden.

Amy Klobuchar, Pete Buttigieg, Michael Bloomberg, Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, and Beto O’Rourke have all picked Biden over top contender Bernie Sanders.

“I believe that Joe Biden will be the Democratic nominee, and I’ve always said I’m going to support whoever the nominee is. So I hereby am endorsing Joe Biden to be not just the nominee for the Democratic Party, but the next president of the United States,” Yang said in a statement per USA Today.

“We need to bring the party together. We need to start working on defeating Donald Trump in the fall,” Yang said.

Yang followed up the endorsement with a statement on Twitter.

“Since I started running, I always said I would support the Democratic nominee. The math is clear – @joebiden will be the nominee and I am glad to endorse him for President,” he tweeted. “Joe knows how serious the fourth industrial revolution is. He and I have spoken about it at length.”

USA Today reports:

Yang, who supported Sanders in 2016, called the self-described democratic socialist “an inspiration,” but said the delegate math made it clear that he was not going to win the Democratic presidential primary race. And he said it was time for Democrats to focus on their main objective.

An entrepreneur who rose from political obscurity last year, Yang outlasted sitting Democratic governors and senators in the crowded presidential field before exiting the race in February. Yang’s principal issue in the campaign was the steady loss of jobs to automation. His proposed solution was a universal monthly income of $1,000 for all Americans.

That signature issue, combined with an easygoing, laid back demeanor helped the political novice win the loyalty of devoted supporters who referred to themselves as the Yang Gang and who advocated passionately for the candidate on social media.

In a separate tweet, Yang expressed support for Sanders and called him “a personal hero.”

“He inspired my campaign and demonstrated what is possible when you run on a vision for the country that touches people and improves lives. He is who he is and we all know what he stands for. A true warrior for the people – what I strive to be,” he continued.

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