Stock Market Surges After Trump’s Latest Action To Combat Coronavirus

President Trump has taken several actions to combat the spread of the Coronavirus since the outbreak first began in December 2019.

From travel bans to quarantines, to signing an emergency relief bill, to partnering with state and local governments, Trump is using the power of his office to help Americans amid the pandemic.

His most common form of support, however, was trying to calm some of the hysteria and fake news going around about the Coronavirus. He initially said China was unprepared to deal with the outbreak so they were hit the hardest (as well as the Coronavirus starting there). But, the United States was ready to deal with it, he assured time and again.

He also addressed concerns that the Coronavirus could sweep the globe with catastrophic confirmed cases and deaths, likening it to the seasonal flu or a more common disease. Some of his critics, however, said he spoke too lowly of the pandemic and was the stirring more uncertainty about it.

They claim the most recent stock market plunge was due to the uncertainty of the coronavirus and mixed information coming from political figures—so Trump shifted gears.

During a speech on Friday, Trump declared a national emergency to combat the Coronavirus and the Dow Jones Industrial Average jumped 1,100 points almost instantly, the Washington Examiner reports.

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Confidence restored.

Check it out:

And, from the report:

Trump gave the speech on Friday as at least 1,700 people have gotten the virus in the United States and testing has been difficult for people to access. The Dow rose from a low of 21,741 to 22,856 during the speech.

The speech was the continuation of an address the president gave on Wednesday where he banned travel from 26 European countries:

On Wednesday, the president gave an address that failed to quell the unrest in the stock market. The Dow ended up dropping 1,100 points at the open of the day.

Trump said in his Wednesday address that he would be shutting down travel from Europe into the U.S.