Dem Rep. Retweets: ‘F*** Trump’s National Day Of Prayer’

Democratic Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib is criticizing those seeking prayer and God’s guidance during the spread of the coronavirus as she shared a post which wrote off President Trump’s declaration for a National day of Prayer.

The initial tweet was written by famed anti-Trump high school student David Hogg, who criticized the president’s reaction to the coronavirus.

Hogg wrote: “Don’t let this administration address COVID-19 like our national gun violence epidemic. F*** a National day of prayer, we need immediate comprehensive action.”

CNS News reports the congresswoman shared the tweet without adding any comment of her own.

The tweet in question featured a video of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson announcing the day of prayer, saying: “Now, President Trump is going to be recommending a National Day of Prayer. And, you know, we’ve gotten away from prayer and faith a lot in this country.”

“There’s nothing wrong with godly principles no matter what your faith is,” Carson continued. “Loving your neighbor, caring about the people around you, developing your God-given talents to the utmost so that you become valuable to the people around you, having values and principles that govern your life – those are things that made America zoom to the top of the world in record time.”

“And those are the things that will keep us there too,” he added.

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