Disturbing Trend: Teens Are Coughing On Grocery Store Produce Amid Coronavirus

As millions of people around the country have been advised to stay at home to stop the spread of the coronavirus, some teens are resorting to a disturbing new trend.

As the Washington Examiner reports, some teenagers are going to their local grocery stores and are coughing on produce that they do not intend on purchasing. They subsequently upload videos of the action to social media.

Coughing is one means of transferring the coronavirus (and many other diseases), should these teenagers be carriers.

From the report:

The latest incident occurred in the Washington exurb of Purcellville, Virginia, some 55 miles from the White House.

According to a Purcellville Police Department report, “An incident occurred at a local grocery store involving juveniles reportedly coughing on produce, while filming themselves and posting it on social media.”

The report said that the store, identified on social media as Harris Teeter, immediately removed the items and cleaned up the area. The police said, “The grocery store immediately removed the items in question, and has taken appropriate measures to ensure the health of store patrons.”

The Purcellville Police Department shared a post on its Facebook cautioning people in the area of the ongoing trend.

“We are asking for parental assistance in monitoring your teenagers’ activities, as well as their social media posts to avoid the increase of any further such incidents,” the police said in the post. “We have learned that this appears to be a disturbing trend on social media across the country, and we ask for help from parents to discourage this behavior immediately.”

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POLICE INVESTIGATING JUVENILE INCIDENTYesterday, March 18, 2020, an incident occurred at a local grocery store…

Posted by Purcellville Police Department on Thursday, March 19, 2020

According to the report, several people commented on a community page having witnessed the incident.

“Punk teenagers are hitting the grocery stores, coughing all over the produce and the grocery items — filming it and posting it to YouTube. It scared the hell out of one elderly woman who was just trying to grocery shop. Why the hell aren’t these people keeping their teens home??? This is not summer vacay!” one woman on the page.

The trend is the latest of several disturbing actions younger people have taken over the last couple of weeks. Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, some teens have taken to record videos of themselves licking doorknobs or toilet seats in what is referred to as the “coronavirus challenge.”