Ilhan Omar and Matt Gaetz Go At It Over $350 Million For ‘Migration and Refugee Assistance’

Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz and Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar clashed online over a clause in the coronavirus economic relief bill which provides $350 million to migrants and refugees.

“Millions of Americans need help now,” Gaetz tweeted on Wednesday, arguing the bill should not be spending money unless it goes to help Americans.

“Dangerous poison pills like $350,000,000 for ‘Migration and Refugee Assistance’ put America LAST,” he continued. “Democrats: This is not the time to advance your legislative agenda. This is the time to put #AmericaFirst.”

Omar, who initially came to the country as a migrant, argued migrants and refugees make up a portion of the American economy and are also suffering amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“Immigrants and refugees, are Americans/pay taxes and as vulnerable communities need the resources ‘…to prevent, prepare for, and respond to coronavirus,’” she tweeted in response to Gaetz. “Wonder why this upsets you more than a $500,000,000 billion corporate welfare fund for a select group of large companies?”

Gaetz said the $350 million set aside is allocated for migrants and refugees around the world, not necessarily those within the U.S.

“Much of this money will be spent on illegal immigrants in the United States, and foreign migrants around the world,” Gaetz tweeted in response. “Neither of those groups are Americans. This does not belong in a relief package for American workers and businesses. #AmericaFirst.”

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The Washington Examiner reports it was House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that said any additions to the bill should be “all about the coronavirus.”

“Understand this about this. It’s very important to know this. This is all about the coronavirus. It’s not about anything else. It’s about the coronavirus,” she said about the bill during a presser.

Watch her comments below:

And, from the Washington Examiner:

Democrats have been criticized by conservatives for measures in the coronavirus relief package that they claim are unrelated to immediate relief for citizens affected by the outbreak. This includes $25 million in funding for the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, which has been shut down because of the pandemic.