Socialism Slayer: Legal Immigrant Dasha Pruett Running Bold Campaign For Congress [Opinion]

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Right now, there are dozens of new, vibrant, dynamic Republican candidates running for Congress all across the country. Many of these hopefuls are women. Many are minorities. Of course, the media isn’t covering their bids. Qualified black women, Hispanic women, and Asian women are running on the GOP side, yet the media is silent. The same media that pounded down our throats, that a sweaty, white, skateboarding socialist of Irish descent was somehow Hispanic just because of a phony nickname. While liberals swooned over Beto (the artist formally known as Robert Francis O’Rourke), hardly a peep has been said about super candidates like Young Kim, Michelle Steel, Tamika Hamilton, Maria Elvira Salazar, Karen Bedonie, Michele Garcia Holmes, and many others, who are actually minorities. The GOP has a robust field of candidates this year, and some of the best happen to be minorities, women, Native Americans, legal immigrants, or other types of people that the Democrat machine feels they own.

In Pennsylvania, there is an incredible woman running for Congress in the Keystone State’s 5th District. She’s pro-Trump, pro-liberty, and pro-America. She’s not owned by anyone. She’s also anti-socialism. That’s largely because she’s lived it first-hand.

Dasha Pruett was born in Moscow, Russia and lived there until she was ten years old. She eventually immigrated to the United States, with stops along the way in Austria and Italy. She also lived in London for a few years. She has seen it all. She can confirm America is best.

“We came (to America) on a political/religious dissident visa in 1980,” Pruett said. “My father is Jewish, and in the late seventies, there was a collaboration between the US, Israel, and Russia to allow two-thousand Russian Jews to immigrate. We were a part of that wave.”

Fortunately for Pruett and for America, she had terrific parents.

“My father was involved in an underground, anti-political, artistic movement and was sent to Siberia twice,” Pruett said. “When we filed for the visa, I think they were pleased to see him go. My parents always dreamed of living in America, since it is the land of opportunity and freedom. Growing up in socialism, it breaks my heart, seeing what is going on in this country now.”

Pruett was moved to tears recently when she saw empty shelves at a local grocery store due to the Chinese coronavirus. She had seen this in Russia, but not in her beautiful America.

“I never thought about running for office,” said Pruett. “I was always politically involved, though not to this degree. As I was watching this beautiful and amazing country, the ‘Land of the American Dream’, ‘Land of Opportunity’, heading towards socialism, and electing socialist government officials, I could not stay quiet any longer. Over my dead body will this country turn socialist. Our constitutional rights are being ripped away, and someone must defend them. We are living through a socialist social experiment, to see how much, and what it will take for the Big Government to overreach and take away our freedom. We must fight for our country, our communities, our people, and our constitution. Nothing changes, if nothing changes.”

Things don’t change much where Pruett lives now. Pre- and post-redistricting, the suburbs of Philadelphia seem to get the same old nonsense. At best, Trump-hating, mealy-mouthed, RINOs, or at worst, Trump-hating, gun-grabbing, baby-exterminating Democrats. Right now, the area is marred by the latter, in the name of Congresswoman Mary Gay Scanlon.

“She is useless,” said Pruett. “She spent most of her time in office attempting to impeach the president, as well as worrying about illegal immigrants, whether in the Berks County detention center, or creating protection and programs for them. When is she going to focus on the people in our community, our district, our issues? Where is she during this pandemic? What is she doing for the people who are losing their business, jobs, and livelihoods? She voted on turning Glen Mills school into a hospital with 250 beds, though how many patients have they had? How much did that cost? That money could have gone to small businesses of families who lost their income, or for low income children to receive laptops and Internet, so they can participate in the on-line learning programs.”

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A conservative speaking commonsense. That’s something Washington so desperately needs.

As for that man liberals love to irrationally hate, Pruett has his back. “He is not polished, he is uncouth, yet he genuinely loves our country and fights for it,” Pruett said about President Trump. “He knows how to connect with the working class and people who have felt forgotten by the career politicians, who only care about getting re-elected, and not what is in the best interest for the people and this country. He is exposing the corruption and cancer in our government. I want to know what vitamins he takes. I am way younger, and I cannot keep up with him. He is tireless. I also love and admire his love for his children and his family. I pray for him every day.”

Trump needs that support and those prayers. DJT is attacked every step of the way by the media, Democrats, and spineless Republicans. Pruett would be terrific reinforcement to help Keep America Great.

Unlike the weak among us, Pruett and her husband proudly display Trump signs on their lawn. They have Trump stickers on their vehicles. This isn’t always accepted in the elitist, Starbucks guzzling, Subaru driving, indoctrinated suburbs. But, remember, Pruett braved Moscow. She’s not afraid of some soy boy ripping a sign off of her lawn. She cherishes the First Amendment and she expresses herself freely as an American.

Due to the pandemic, the Pennsylvania primary election has been moved from April to June. More time for Pruett to get the word out, as she faces off against one other Republican candidate. The survivor will likely take on Scanlon in the general election come fall.

“This is an open primary, for the first time in Delaware County,” Pruett said. “All the candidates were recommended, though no one is endorsed. And, I do believe that the people need to pick a candidate, not the local GOP.”

The local GOP has failed miserably of late. They continue to run donkeys in elephant’s clothing. When they win, which is hardly ever anymore, they boast. When they lose (they were swept by Dems the last time voters went to the ballot box), they blame Trump. They’re kind of like LeBron James or Aaron Rodgers without the talent. They take full credit when it works out, but spew built-in excuses when it doesn’t. Maybe if they’d run actual conservatives sometimes, they might have a chance. They have that opportunity in Pruett. She would give voters a bold color of a choice, not more pale pastels.

Living in this age of COVID-19, Americans are getting a taste of socialism. Not only is our health and economy at stake, but our liberty hangs in the balance too. “We give the government too much power to infringe and take away our constitutional right, without really providing hard data,” Pruett said. “They give us numbers, though where do they get those numbers? They should be giving the same platform for an individual to do their own research. That media is great for fear-mongering and spreading propaganda. We need to bring back manufacturing, production, and research to the US. We must rely on our people and our companies, and provide jobs to our people. I also learned that we are compassionate, we are caring, we will go out of our way to help one another. We are resilient, we are strong, and we are creative.”

Many in the skinny jeans-wearing, Bernie bros crowd don’t even realize what socialism really is. Not Pruett. She’s lived it. “The first time I had a banana I was nine years old,” she said. “I stood in line with my grandmother for three hours. It was sold in the back of a truck. I had no idea what a banana was. We were rationed, and my grandmother had to cut the banana in small sections, so we can all have it. Until I came to this country, I never realized that a ripe banana is yellow, not brown. In Russia, food was scarce, particularly fruit and vegetables, particularly if you lived in a big city. To find apples, oranges, or anything else besides potatoes and cabbage, was a treat. Same as if we could find meat or chicken. Toilet paper was a luxury. Most people used newspaper that was cut into squares. The ironic part is that it was nothing but propaganda. We did not have a washing machine, we only had three TV channels. I grew up in the seventies, though one would think it was the thirties.”

Now, Pruett likes her bananas yellow and her America red, white, and blue. If elected she intends to fight for the country with all her heart.

“Life, Liberty and pursuit of Happiness,” Pruett said. “I will fight for this country and the people of our community. To defend our constitution. To reduce the size and reach of our government. Term limits, growing small business by reducing regulation. To make sure everyone will have access to medical insurance through a competitive marketplace that can be crossed against state lines and creating group plans that people can join, and of course, to fight socialism.”

America is the best country in the world,” said Pruett. “We must fight to keep it that way. The land of the free and the home of the brave. The land of milk and honey, and opportunity. God Bless America!”

People in Pennsylvania have an amazing opportunity to send a true patriot to DC. Dasha Pruett is ready to shake things up. She was made for this, from Russia with love. Love for our exceptional United States of America.

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