MASSIVE: Texas To Reopen Restaurants, Retailers, Other Businesses On Friday

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Texas Governor Greg Abbott is planning to reopen restaurants, retail stores, movie theaters, and malls as easrly as Friday, amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The reopenings will be under new guidelines outlined by the governor’s task force, the Texas Tribune reports.

Should the state not see any major increases in the number coronavirus-related cases: “Abbott also said a second wave of openings and looser restrictions that will include barbershops, hair salons, bars and gyms could go into effect as early as May 18,” the report adds.

According to the report, the new guidelines for retail stores and malls will include cutting their max capacity to 25 percent for more populated areas.

More rural areas that have fewer than five confirmed cases of the coronavirus can allow “up to 50% of their regular capacity,” the Texas Tribune reports.

Areas that would normally allow people to sit and gather, such as food courts, play areas, and interactive displays or games must remain closed.

Similarly, the governor said restaurants will be allowed to reopen to 25 percent capacity; but, that figure is expanded to 50 percent for more rural areas with less than five confirmed coronavirus cases.

Here’s more, from the Texas Tribune:

Bars are to remain closed, even if they offer food.

Only six people will be allowed at a table and parties will be seated at least 6 feet apart from each other.

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Patrons who choose to dine-in at a restaurant should expect a few new practices: disposable menus, condiments served only upon request and in single-use portions (a side of ketchup instead of a ketchup bottle), buffets that aren’t self serve and a hand sanitizing station at the restaurant entrance.

Valet service is also suspended except for cars with placards or plates for disabled parking.

The same guidelines apply for movie theaters planning to reopen: 25 percent capacity except in more rural or less affected areas.

“Moviegoers who find an open theater will have to stay at least two empty seats apart from each other and there must be an empty row between customers. If you attend a movie with people you live with you can all sit together but must have two empty seats on either side of the group. If you want to watch a movie with someone you don’t live with, you can sit in the same row but still two seats apart,” the Texas Tribune clarifies.

For more information on outdoor sports facilities, churches and places of worship, and museums and libraries, click here: Here’s the rules they have to follow.

Governor Abbott said the coronavirus could leave a lasting impact in the way some businesses change their policies, such as in the case of alcohol-to-go sales.

“Alcohol-to-go sales can continue after May 1,” the governor said in a tweet. “Alcohol-to-go sales can continue after May 1.”