Ben Shapiro Comments On Lack Of Plan For COVID-19: ‘That’s Just Hope. And Hope Isn’t A Plan’

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Ben Shapiro, the Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief and podcast host, wants to know what the government is actually up to regarding the coronavirus recovery and the plan to reopen restaurants and businesses.

During an appearance on “Fox & Friends” Tuesday morning, Shapiro said governors of different political ideologies were responding differently to the prospect of reopening their states.

“So, the red states tend to be looking at opening. A lot of the blue states like California are staying closed to the point where Gavin Newsom was sending helicopters to Huntington Beach telling people to socially distance,” he told the hosts, via Fox News. He added: “The beaches were completely empty — which is over the top.”

“But, what’s really interesting — and the media aren’t really talking about as much — are the purple states, right?” Shapiro continued. “Jared Polis in Colorado is opening up. Tim Walz in Minnesota is opening up. The…governor of Maine is opening up. Steve Bullock in Montana, who is a blue Democrat in a red state, is opening up.”

“So, if you look at the purple areas, right? The areas where Americans are split — what you’re seeing is the governors are tending to think pretty seriously about opening up in ways that they’re not in deep blue areas,” he said, noting: “The political polarization surrounding [this issue] is really quite fascinating.”

Shapiro then argued it was ok, to an extent, that governors were responding differently in their own recovery efforts because states have been affected differently.

“There should be public policy that is decided by infection rates and by population density,” he said per the report.

And: “California has not been a hard-hit state. I mean, we have some big population centers, but we have a rate of something like five for 100,000 population in terms of deaths from COVID-19. That is a very, very low rate and yet we are being treated more like the residents of New York than we are being treated like the residents of Florida or Texas.”

Ahead of his guest appearance, in a series of tweets, Shapiro argued governments that are not reopening were pulling a bait and switch on the populous with continued stay-at-home orders.

“The goal of flattening the curve, for the thousandth time, was to avoid swamping the health system. If we’re now shifting the argument to ‘buying time’ so we can develop a therapeutic or vaccine, let’s say that out loud — and then let’s hear some prospective timelines,” the conservative said.

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“Because here’s the problem: if we’re just waiting for a deus ex machina while tens of millions of people lose their jobs, and fall into poverty and despair, and we have no timeline, that’s not a plan. That’s just hope. And hope isn’t a plan,” he explained.

Shapiro continued: “Then the question becomes what our goals are. Are we looking to simply ‘buy time’ while re-opening the economy to the best of our ability? Or do we, at some point, aim for herd immunity a la Sweden? Because those are two quite different strategies.”

Shapiro said the governments were exhibiting different strategies when it comes to reopening the country.

“Those strategies actually look similar for those who have pre-existing conditions or who are 60+: stay home as much as you can until something changes. But the strategies begin to diverge WIDELY with regard to everyone else,” he tweeted.

“If we’re aiming for ‘buying time,’ we should keep schools closed, socially distance and wear masks, work from home,” he added. “If we’re aiming for herd immunity amongst the healthiest populations, we should actually do the opposite: the ‘controlled avalanche’ strategy.”

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