Trump Shares Emotional Comments About His Mom During Mother’s Day Interview

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President Trump wished all moms around the country a “Happy Mother’s Day” during an interview on Fox News Sunday morning, where he shared rare remarks about his own mother.

During the interview on “Fox & Friends,” the president said he dearly misses his “great mother,” who did not get to see her son win the presidency as she passed away in 2000 at the age of 88.

Co-host Ainsley Earhardt asked Trump if he had a message for mothers around the country, many of whom have spent the last several weeks under lockdown with their families.

“All I can say is Happy Mothers Day,” he responded, before opening up about his own mother.

“I had a great mom, I loved my mom and she loved me which is, I must tell you, is probably not easy to do, but she was so good to me,” Trump said via BizPac Review.

“She was so good — I couldn’t do any wrong, which is a big problem. Maybe that’s why I ended up the way I ended up, I don’t know,” the president joked. “I couldn’t do any wrong in her eyes and I had a great father too, great guy, very different types but my mother was a terrific woman.”

He also shared complimentary remarks for his wife, First Lady Melania.

“My mother was a terrific woman, and Melania has been a great mother to Barron,” he continued. “Barron is growing up really beautifully, and she’s been a great mother to Barron.”

Co-host Brian Kilmeade then asked Trump if his mother would be surprised knowing her son is the president of the United States.

“I think any mother would be,” Trump answered. “If you look statistically, 350 million people and one gets it, and so anybody would be no matter how well you do in life, in your earlier life. But my mother was somebody that gave me a lot of confidence and she believed in me so she would say that she wouldn’t be but I think everybody would be.”

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“My father was the same,” the president continued per BizPac Review. “He was a strong guy but he was a good man, very good human being, very good person, and he always had confidence in me. In our family, we just had confidence and I had really really good parents. It’s such an advantage in life.”

“I miss my parents,” Trump conceded, concluding his remarks.

BizPac Review reports: “His father, Fred Trump, a New York real estate developer, passed away on June 25, 1999, at the age of 93.”