Biden On COVID-19 Lockdowns: ‘The People Who Are Getting Hurt Are Democrats’

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Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said during a recent interview that coronavirus-related lockdowns are solely affecting Democrats and his “constituency.”

During the interview, Biden plainly said: “Look, the people who are getting hurt are Democrats.”

The Daily Wire reports the former vice president went on to describe Democrats as “hard-working people… who can’t afford to stay home.”

Biden also suggested Democrats did not make six- or seven-figure paychecks.

“The people who are getting clobbered. The people who are making an hourly wage. The people who are out there saving our lives, carrying the country on their back, and losing lives in the process of doing it,” he said.

“They’re the people who are in trouble, a lot of millionaires aren’t in trouble, people making tens of millions of dollars or hundreds of thousands of dollars, they’re not in trouble,” Biden continued. “But the people who are trouble are the very people that are our constituency.”

Watch his comments below:

The Daily Wire reports Biden’s claim about the coronavirus and subsequent lockdowns is not backed by data:

Biden’s suggestion that it is the “Democrats” who are suffering from the pandemic is not supported by any evidence as the coronavirus has killed Americans in every state across the country and does not discriminate against any political affiliation.

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