Biden Selects AOC For Top Campaign Spot To Push Radical ‘Green New Deal’

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The Biden campaign confirmed on Tuesday evening that they have tapped Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who previously backed Bernie Sanders’ presidential run, for a top position working alongside the campaign.

The Daily Wire reports the New York lawmaker will now be able “to promote her radical $93 trillion ‘Green New Deal,’ which gives the government far more control over the economy and imposes a complete takeover of some private industries.”

According to CNN, Ocasio-Cortez will join presumptive nominee Joe Biden and former Secretary of State John Kerry on the climate panel.

The group “also includes Varshini Prakash, the executive director of the Sunrise Movement, the youth-led champions of the Green New Deal,” CNN reports. “The task forces, which also cover health care, the economy, criminal justice and education, include a lineup of progressive leaders and top Biden campaign aides and allies. Sanders revealed plans to form the advisory panels when he dropped out of the presidential primary last month, a sign of both campaigns’ desire to form a united front against President Donald Trump and smooth over worries among Democrats that the party would splinter along ideological lines.”

At the time, Sanders said he would do what it takes to help Biden defeat Trump in November.

“It’s no great secret out there, Joe, that you and I have our differences, and we’re not going to paper them over. That’s real,” Sanders said in April. “But I hope that these task forces will come together utilizing the best minds and people in your campaign and in my campaign to work out real solutions to these very, very important problems.”

Biden similarly said he is hoping to unite Democrats from across the spectrum to beat Trump.

“A united party is key to defeating Donald Trump this November and moving our country forward through an unprecedented crisis,” Biden said on Wednesday morning. “As we work toward our shared goal, it is especially critical that we not lose sight of the pressing issues facing Americans.”

“Well, the good news is that Bernie has robustly endorsed me, we’ve set up joint committees together to deal with how we would deal with everything from, from the virus all the way down to education, the criminal justice system, the New Green Deal, etc,” he added per the Daily Wire. “And we’ve got overwhelming support. I mean we’re more united today than almost every, every single person who competed in the primary is now wholeheartedly endorsed me, campaigned around the country for me using their digital media to promote our campaign, and I’m working with Bernie and with his people.”

According to CNN, former President Obama is also in talks with the advisory board:

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Two sources familiar with the discussions told CNN that former President Barack Obama had been involved in the initial discussions about forming the task forces. A former top Sanders aide praised Biden’s team for its cooperation and said it did not reject any of the Sanders camp’s recommendations. In turn, the source said, the Sanders team chose its representatives carefully — steering clear of “bomb throwers” and focusing on experts, activists and lawmakers, like Ocasio-Cortez, with a sincere interest in collaboration.