Meme Of Trump Punching Obama Is Breaking The Internet: 11 Second Video Has ‘More Viewers Than Any CNN Show’

A new meme featuring President Trump and Obama has crossed more than a million views in under 24 hours and it is easy to see why.

The 11-second video features two men participating in a 1-on-1 slap contest to see how they could withstand one blow from the other person.

Up first, a smaller man visually edited with Obama’s face delivering a slap across the face of the other man, a much larger individual visually edited to look like Trump.

The word “Russiagate” is shown on screen as the Obama-depiction slaps Trump.

The hit does not even flinch him.

And, now it’s Trump’s turn.

The Trump-depiction then returns the slap while the words “Obamagate” flash on the screen.

The slap devastates the smaller man.

Conservative Benny Johnson uploaded the video, captioning it: “This is the most accurate and informative video on the Internet right now.”

Check it out:

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The video has received over 24,000 retweets (although Johnson claims 27,000) and over 59,000 likes.

“This meme has more viewers than any CNN show,” Johnson added in a subsequent tweet. “Think about that. This meme reached more people than all the writers, cameramen and leftist anchors at CNN combined.”

“The Left Can’t Meme. The Right Can,” he added. “That will make all the difference.”

Here’s how some people responded to the video: