Trump Reveals New Campaign Slogan In Wake Of Coronavirus Pandemic

President Trump is looking to revise his 2020 campaign slogan in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, one more reflective of the state the country is in and how he hopes to help.

Piggy-backing off of 2016 election slogan, “Make America Great Again,” President Trump said his re-election effort for this November will focus on fixing the country for a second time after economic shutdowns have resulted in more than 30 million Americans filing for unemployment.

The 2.0 version of the campaign will be met with a similar slogan, Politico reports, as Trump unveiled: “Make America Great Again, Again.

Politico reports:

The president’s political advisers also say there’s reason to believe it’s a winning message. Recent campaign and public polling show Trump slightly outperforming likely Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden on handling of the economy even as the president finds himself on shaky ground nationally and in battleground states less than six months before the election. On a conference call last week with surrogates, the Trump campaign cited new internal polling that showed Trump with a 15-percentage point advantage over Biden on the economy in 17 states the campaign is targeting in November, according to a person familiar with the call.

Conservative economist Stephen Moore, who aides the Trump campaign, told the outlet: “The one issue Trump really clobbers Biden on is the economy, and so he’s got to stick with that message. He has to persuade people that his policies will work to get American businesses and jobs back.”

According to the report, Trump “would be shattering precedent” if he were to win in November with such a devastating economic downturn happening under his watch.

Here’s more:

In online events, social media and interviews, the Trump campaign, the Republican National Committee and White House aides boasted that the businessman-turned-president had once overseen the “greatest economy in the history of the world.”

“President Trump’s record of building the American economy to unprecedented heights before it was artificially interrupted is even more salient now,” said Sarah Matthews, a Trump campaign spokeswoman, in a statement. “He has been the jobs president and Americans will look to him and his proven success to restore the economy to greatness.”

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While the campaign continues to attacks Biden on a variety of issues — his mental acuity, his stance toward economic rival China, alleged hypocrisy amid a sexual assault allegation — it has added criticism about the economy, too.