‘You Have To Put Something In Context’: Whoopi Goldberg Opposes Censorship Of ‘Gone With The Wind,’ ‘Cops’

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Actress and talk show host Whoopi Goldberg does not agree with removing older movie and television content due to potentially insensitive material.

Goldberg, the second black American woman to win an Oscar, said movies like “Gone with the Wind” and television shows like “Cops” should be viewed within the context of their creation.

“Personally I think if you put things in a historical context — because if you start pulling every film … you’re going to have to pull all of the blaxploitation movies because they’re not depicting us the right way,” Goldberg said during a segment on “The View,” via Fox News.

“That’s a very long list of films,” she continued. “If you put, before you show the film: Listen, this was shot when things were different, and we don’t, you know, we don’t do this anymore, that’s what — you have to put something in context, and I think with ‘Cops,’ listen, if you balance the people you arrest — if you arrested everybody, if you make it widespread — white people, yellow people, brown people. If everybody’s getting arrested, you can have ‘Cops.’ It just feels like it’s a whole bunch of black people all the time. I’m just saying.”

Fox News adds:

HBO Max has reportedly said that it would resume airing “Gone with the Wind” along with context surrounding its content.

Co-host Sunny Hostin indicated she was against censorship but saw the issue as a big “distraction.” “To me, censorship is like a lazy way to go,” co-host Joy Behar said.

She went on to ask whether canceling “Gone with the Wind” would actually solve racism.

“I don’t think so,” she remarked.

This wasn’t the first time Goldberg opposed censorship efforts from the entertainment industry. She previously criticized “Will & Grace” co-stars Debra Messing and Eric McCormack for requesting a publicized list of people attending a fundraiser for President Trump.

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Goldberg also decried these efforts by political groups of people to go after or target other groups.

“In this country, people can vote for who they want to — that is one of the great rights of this country,” she said. “You don’t have to like it but we don’t go after people because we don’t like who they voted for — we don’t go after them that way. We can talk about issues and stuff, but we don’t print out lists.”

The Daily Wire reports Goldberg also opposed censoring the “Looney Tunes,” which announced they would be removing Elmer Fudd’s iconic gun due to sensitivity issues.

“Some of the cartoons here reflect some of the prejudices that were commonplace in American society, especially when it came to the treatment of racial and ethnic minorities,” she said. “These jokes were wrong then and they are wrong today, but removing these inexcusable images and jokes would be the same as saying they never existed, so they are presented here to accurately reflect a part of our history that cannot and should not be ignored.”