Rioter Quickly Learns Toppling Confederate Statue Was Not Such A Great Idea When It Falls On Him

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A Black Lives Matter protester was reportedly injured after he attempted to topple a Confederate statue in Portsmouth, Virginia.

The statue eventually toppled but landed directly on the head of the person who was responsible.

The Virginian-Pilot reports: “Demonstrators beheaded the four Confederate statues before pulling one down using a tow rope Wednesday night at the Portsmouth Confederate monument as police watched. A protester was injured as the statue fell, hitting him on the head.”

Louie Gibbs, vice president of the Portsmouth NAACP, did not identify the man but said he was said to be in his 30s and lost consciousness as a result of his actions.

“The man’s head was cut open, and he was transported to the hospital,” the outlet reported.

Reporter Alex Salvi tweeted out a video of the incident which appears to show the statue striking the person in the head as it is pulled down.

The Virginia Pilot adds:

Efforts to tear one of the statues down began around 8:20 p.m., but the rope they were using snapped.

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The crowd, frustrated by the Portsmouth City Council’s decision to put off moving the monument, switched to throwing bricks from the post that held the plaque they had pulled down as they initially worked to tumble the statue. They then started to dismantle the monument one piece at a time as a marching band played in the streets and other protesters danced.

A flag tied to the monument was lit on fire, and the flames burned briefly at the base of one of the statues.


H/T: BizPac Review & The Daily Wire