Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan Goes Off On Trump, Says She Has Capitol Hill Area Completely Under Control

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In a lengthy thread, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan said she has her city under control.

“It’s clear Donald Trump doesn’t understand what’s happening on five square blocks of our City. Cal Anderson and Capitol Hill have for decades been a place for free speech, community, and self-expression,” she tweeted.

Durkan then said those protesting have a constitutional right to do so.

“Lawfully gathering and expressing first amendment rights, demanding we do better as a society and provide true equity for communities of color is not terrorism – it is patriotism,” the mayor tweeted.

Durkan then defended those who seized and created the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, claiming they are “not a lawless wasteland of anarchist insurrection.” Instead, she said: “it is a peaceful expression of our community’s collective grief and their desire to build a better world.”

Durkan said: “Seattle is passionate, we demand justice, and I believe we will be at the forefront of true, meaningful change. Nothing will distract our city from the work that needs to be done.”

“I remain committed to working with community, including the organizers currently on Capitol Hill, to re-imagine how we do things as a city, and what investments in public health, safety, and economic justice look like,” she added.

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Here’s more:

As Twitchy reports, the mayor’s comments trip all over her own Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best.

Most people who responded to the thread saw through the attempt to cover the protests in a positive, peaceful light: