Trump Campaign Urges Outlets To Cover Biden Events: Expose His ‘Rambling Displays of Incoherence’

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In an unusual strategy, the Trump campaign is calling for more media coverage of their opponent. Whereas campaigns often compete for more air time, especially covering events and speeches, Trump Campaign Director Brad Parscale said he wants more cameras on Biden and encouraged outlets to cover his events in their entirety.

“We formally join Joe Biden’s campaign in their call for the national news media, particularly cable and broadcast television outlets, to carry Biden’s remarks and unscripted events in their entirety,” Parscale said via Fox News. “The failure to expose the American people to these rambling displays of incoherence, ineptitude, and forgetfulness is depriving voters of a clear picture of Biden’s inability to execute the duties of the office he seeks.

Parscale added: “Stop protecting Biden. Air the events.”

The Trump campaign can point to numerous instances of Biden fumbling his words, make obscure claims, or being flat-out wrong on issues.

During a Biden campaign event Wednesday in Philadelphia, for example, Fox News reports the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee made “a series of questionable remarks.”

Speaking on the current protests and riots, Biden claimed the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis had more “worldwide impact” than Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s assassination.

“Even Dr. King’s assassination did not have the worldwide impact that George Floyd’s death did,” Biden said during the event. “It’s just like television changed the Civil Rights movement for the better when they saw Bull Connor and his dogs ripping the clothes off of elderly black women going to church and firehoses ripping the skin off of young kids.”

Fox News adds:

Biden criticized President Trump’s scheduled rally in Tulsa on June 19, known as the holiday Juneteenth that commemorates the Emancipation Proclamation. However, he appeared to mix up the location of the rally with Texas, a state Trump was visiting today and also mistaking the location of the Black Wall Street massacre, which took place in Tulsa.

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“He’s going down to Texas on Juneteenth, right? The first major massacre, literally speaking, of the Black Wall Street, right? Years ago.”

Take a look:

If the American people are at least considering to vote for Biden to be the 46th United States president, then they should see these moments, the Trump campaign argued.

Voters should also see whatever this is: