More Than 1-In-3 Americans Think Second Civil War Is Right Around The Corner

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A new survey shows more than 1-in-3 Americans believe the United States will endure a second Civil War within the next five years.

As the Western Journal reports, 34 percent of people polled by the Rasmussen Reports is a 3-point bump from the 31 percent of people who similarly answered the same question just two years ago.

In the group believing a second civil war was likely, 9 percent of participants said a physical confrontation was “very likely.”

The Western Journal reports Republicans (40 percent) were more likely than Democrats (28 percent) to believe the war would come.

The likelihood of another civil war comes as the country grapples with race relations and continued protests since the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

The poll included questions on the removal of Confederate symbols, another discussion spurred by race riots. Some of these riots have resulted in groups toppling Confederate statues.

From the Western Journal:

Democrats were far more bullish than anyone on wiping away the Confederacy’s legacy, the poll found. Sixty-four percent of Democrats said getting rid of Confederate symbols would help race relations, but only 19 percent of Republicans felt that way.

The new survey also found that 50 percent of Americans who think trying to erase the Confederacy from view would hurt race relations believe Civil War is likely within the next five years.

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As for the protests gripping the nation since the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis last month, 37 percent of poll respondents say those protests will lead to long-term change in relation to racism, while 31 percent disagree and 32 percent aren’t sure.

However, only 29 percent of black Americans surveyed said they expect such a change from the current protests.