Reporter Complains President Trump’s Rally Attendees Aren’t Wearing Masks, Immediately Reminded About All The Protests

Thousands of people gathered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on Saturday, eagerly awaiting entry into the BOK Center for President Trump’s first campaign rally since March.

The crowd’s size somewhat resembled one of the many protests that have taken place over recent weeks but, according to Wall Street Journal reporter Andrew Restuccia, this crowd should have to actually adhere to health guidelines.

As Americans witnessed thousands of protesters flock to the streets, rioting and looting local businesses, all without wearing personal protective masks, one can wonder why—when it comes to Trump and Republicans—do the rules now apply?

“Massive crowd of people waiting to enter the BOK Center in Tulsa. Most aren’t wearing masks,” Restuccia tweeted alongside a photo of the crowd.

@ComfortablySmug, a conservative group, responded to the tweet pointing out the media hypocrisy in covering the two groups.

“Wow does anyone remember massive crowds filling ever major American city a couple weeks ago?” the account responded. “Those were good tho, coronavirus doesn’t affect looting and protesting.”

The group added a video of a Black Lives Matter protest in Los Angeles, where thousands of people gathered and not a single media outlet complained about wearing a mask.

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Here are how some other people responded, via Twitchy: