Biden Has Not Held A Press Conference For 80 Days, Adviser Claims He Still ‘Does Interviews’

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Joe Biden is nowhere to be found.

The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee spent most of the coronavirus lockdown in his basement in Wilmington and he has not given a press conference in 80 days.

So, what’s he up to?

The Independent Journal Review reports Biden advisor Symone Sanders told Fox News that supporters have nothing to worry about.

“To be clear, Vice President Biden does interviews, takes questions from the press regularly,” she said during the “Fox News Sunday” segment.

She continued: “Just because we’re campaigning virtually does not mean we are not meeting actual voters across the country. Vice President Biden has campaigned in Michigan and Florida. Dr. [Jill] Biden has campaigned in Colorado and Texas. So the reality is what we have been doing is following CDC guidelines.”

Instead of being in the national spotlight, Sanders said Biden is “prioritizing local media” and doing virtual interviews. “And so the vice president is doing local media interviews, he’s doing national media interviews, and he is taking questions from reporters,” she added.

Sanders comments come as President Trump has accused Biden of being physically unwell.

Trump has openly challenged Biden’s fitness for the office of the presidency, but the Biden spokesperson said Biden is “absolutely up to it.”

“The fact that folks are parroting this unfounded salacious lie from the president and his campaign that vice president Biden isn’t up to the challenge, he’s absolutely up to it. He’s absolutely up to it. Vice President Biden would tell you if he were sitting right here that he can’t wait to see Donald Trump on the debate stage and he can’t wait to campaign with him,” she said via the Independent Journal Review.

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Sanders concluded: “I just find it interesting that folks continue to parrot these lines from the Trump campaign, but it is Donald Trump who stood at the White House press podium and suggested Americans should ingest bleach to clear themselves of the coronavirus.”

Trump later claimed the comment was taken out of context by mainstream media and was used sarcastically.

The Washington Post reports:

Amid a flurry of backlash and ridicule, President Trump walked back his suggestion that scientists test whether disinfectants, such as bleach, could be injected inside the human body to fight the coronavirus, claiming Friday that he had said it sarcastically.

At the time, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany added: “President Trump has repeatedly said that Americans should consult with medical doctors regarding coronavirus treatment, a point that he emphasized again during yesterday’s briefing.”