Oklahoma Authorities Charge Rioters With Terrorism: ‘This Is Not Seattle’

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Oklahoma County law enforcement and criminal justice authorities will not be allowing anarchists to take over their city like what happened with CHAZ in Seattle, Washington.

As the Daily Wire reports, officers announced charges against some alleged rioters and protesters, including terrorism and assault.

Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater said: “This is not Seattle. We’re not putting up with this lawlessness here.”

“When you act like a terrorist, you will be treated like a terrorist,” he added.

The Oklahoman, a local news outlet, reported the individuals were charged for defacing city property: “five defendants identified as involved in the painting of murals in downtown Oklahoma City this week.”

According to the report, the suspects were “accused of incitement to riot” after they allegedly interfered “with a police sergeant who was trying to take a homicide witness for an interview at police headquarters Tuesday.”

The authorities announced those charged were carrying various flags representing different groups, including “Antifa, Soviet Union, American Indian Movement, Anarcho-Communism (solid red) and the original Oklahoma flag … currently adopted by Oklahoma Socialists.”

“Several known supporters of anti-establishment organizations were present in the crowd,” the police continued, per the report.

On a national level, Attorney General William Barr announced the Justice Department would be coordinating with numerous task forces to charge and arrest those responsible for damaging statues or defacing federal property.

“I am today directing the creation of a task force devoted to countering violent anti-government extremists,” Barr wrote late last week. “The task force will be co-headed by Craig Carpenito, U.S. Attorney for the District of New Jersey, and Eric Nealy Cox, U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Texas. The task force will include members of United States Attorney’s Offices, the FBI, and other relevant components across the Nation.”

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“Drawing particularly on the capabilities of the FBI, the task force will develop detailed information about violent anti-government extremist individuals, networks, and movements – and will share that information as appropriate with federal, state, and local law enforcement, especially in places where these extremists pose a threat,” he added.

Barr cautioned: “Some of these violent extremists, moreover, may be fortified by foreign entities seeking to sow chaos and disorder in our country.”

He added:

The task force will also provide training and identify resources to help law enforcement at all levels identify, investigate, and prosecute violent acts by anti-government extremists. The ultimate goal of the task force will be not only to enable prosecutions of extremists who engage in violence, but to understand these groups well enough that we can stop such violence before it occurs and ultimately eliminate it as a threat to public safety and the rule of law.