Dems Delete Tweet Claiming Trump, Mount Rushmore Endorse White Supremacy

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The Democratic Party quickly deleted a tweet alleging President Trump’s visit to Mount Rushmore was somehow in support of white supremacy.

“Trump has disrespected Native communities time and again,” the Democratic Party wrote in the since-deleted tweet. “He’s attempted to limit their voting rights and blocked critical pandemic relief. Now he’s holding a rally glorifying white supremacy at Mount Rushmore–a region once sacred to tribal communities.”

The tweet also included a link to a Guardian report critical of Mount Rushmore.

Breitbart News reports:

The linked story from the Guardian quotes Oglala Lakota tribe member Nick Tilsen, the president of local activist group “NDN Collective,” as calling Mount Rushmore a symbol of “white supremacy.”

“Mount Rushmore is a symbol of white supremacy, of structural racism that’s still alive and well in society today,” Tilsen said, a message echoed by the Democrat Party’s formal Twitter account.

The Guardian piece goes on to note that Tilsen wants to see Mount Rushmore torn down altogether.

Leftists in the United States have not been shy in their attempts to deface, destroy, and disgrace America’s heritage.

They have been critical of the National Anthem, routinely trample the American flag at anarchic protests, and have toppled or vandalized statues of American presidents.

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President Trump recently signed an executive order that intends to crack down on those who participating in the destructive demonstrations.

“They’re tearing down statues, desecrating monuments, and purging dissenters,” Trump said after signing the executive order. “It’s not the behavior of a peaceful political movement; it’s the behavior of totalitarians and tyrants and people that don’t love our country.”

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem also put her foot down to protesters amid rumors they were intending to target Mount Rushmore.

“What my message is, is that this is no longer about equality, this is a radical rewriting of our history, and in South Dakota we won’t stand for it,” Noem said via Breitbart. “This is a national monument. The more we focus on the flaws of these men that are on our mountain, the less likely we are to recognize the virtues and the lessons we can learn from their lives. So that really is the message that I have for South Dakotans that love this mountain and Mount Rushmore for this country, that recognize what it represents to us, and we will do all that we can to make sure that that message is loud and clear, that we will make sure that Mount Rushmore stays as majestic as it is today.”