Washington Redskins Have Reportedly Landed On New Name, Mascot

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The Washington Redskins may have landed on a new name amid calls to retire the team’s use of a Native American as their mascot.

The Daily Caller reports: “The Redskins are currently in the process of reviewing the team’s name, and there’s almost certainly a 100% chance it gets changed. It sounds like Warriors is leading the pack.”

Out: The Washington Redskins.

In: The Washington Warriors.

Check it out:

The above logo and design is not official and the change has yet to be confirmed by the league, but this is the closest the team has been to making a change in the decades since people began to initially call for it.

According to the report, however, Team 980’s Kevin Sheehan announced on his podcast “on pretty good authority” that the Warriors will be the newly selected name.

He said he would “bet big money on the Warriors being the new name for the football team.”

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The Daily Caller’s Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief David Hookstead said the change was modest and could still include Native American themes.

“It kind of keeps the spirit of the Redskins by calling them the Warriors, you can probably still work in some Native American themes and it can hopefully end the name debate forever,” he said.

He added, however, this change could likely lead to other teams to reconsider changing their own mascots.

“We also need to be careful when it comes to changing the names of professional sports franchises,” he cautioned. “It doesn’t look like it’ll end anywhere. There are already calls to change Notre Dame’s Fighting Irish mascot.”