Smollett 2.0? Oregon Politician Now Admits To Writing ‘Anonymous’ Hate-Filled Letter To Himself

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An Oregon politician has now admitted to being the author of an “anonymous” hate-filled letter he received in the mail.

Umatilla County commissioner candidate Jonathan Lopez initially announced he had received a letter that said he and other “Mexicans” were “not welcome here,” local CBS News affiliate KEPR reports.

In the letter, the anonymous author said Lopez should not aspire to achieve political office and that they would vow to never allow him to win.

“Umatilla Country kills f****** like you and are dumped in the fields and river. that’s why our crops are the best,” the letter reportedly said.

“Don’t waste your time trying to become anything in this county we will make sure you never win and your family suffers along with all the other f***ing Mexicans in the area!” it continued.

“America is for the God-fearing, pro-gun, pro-life humans who refuse to be controlled by the government. There’s no room for people like you here!” the letter ends. It is signed, “Sincerely, America!”

According to the report, Lopez quickly responded to the letter by saying he “holds no resentment for whoever wrote this.”

“Many don’t know me or who I am and where I stand,” he said per KEPR. “As an American born man who served in the USCG, fire, and rescue services. I’m also proud of where my parents and grandparents were born and raised, Mexico. I have lived a life full of obstacles and challenges Including racism. There is no room or tolerance for that.”

“We now more than ever must address these issues that are destroying and distancing us from unification,” Lopez continued. “We must be mature and adults about things and address them properly at a table or meeting in which we can come to an agreement or mutual understanding!”

“I hold no resentment for whoever wrote this; I’m just simply heartbroken for the lack of knowledge, education, and respect missing,” he added. “I pray for you and wish you prosperity in your life. God bless us all!”

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Law Officer reports:

Apparently, he was extending grace to himself as the incident was a hoax.

When investigators conducted followed-up with Lopez regarding the missive, he confessed to authorship.

“Our investigation has shown that Mr. Lopez wrote the letter himself and made false statements to the police and on social media,” Hermiston Police Chief Jason Edmiston told the East Oregonian.

“The end result is a verbal and written admission by Mr. Lopez that the letter was fabricated.”

The Hermiston police chief announced the case will be sent to the Umatilla County District Attorney’s office to determine what penalty or crime Lopez will be charged with.

“This investigation is particularly frustrating as we are in the midst of multiple major investigations while battling a resource shortage due to the current pandemic,” Edmiston said via Law Officer.

He added: “The time spent on this fictitious claim means time lost on other matters, not to mention it needlessly adds to the incredible tension that exists in our nation today.”