BREAKING: Rashida Tlaib Found Guilty by House Ethics Committee

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Democratic Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib has been found guilty of misusing her campaign funds.

The Bipartisan House Ethics Committee unanimously voted that the Michigan Democrat violated finance laws, though it stopped short of declaring criminal intent.

Fox News reports she “has been ordered to repay $10,800 to her campaign committee to account for the salary she had paid herself from her campaign coffers after she had been elected to Congress in 2018.”

According to the committee, Tlaib did not use the funds to enrich herself but was found guilty for accepting the funds while she was not a congressional candidate.

“The committee did not find that she sought to unjustly enrich herself by receiving the campaign funds at issue,” the committee wrote, as Fox News reports. “Indeed, during her campaign, Representative Tlaib received a conservative amount of campaign funds, well below the legal threshold for the maximum amount of salary she was eligible to receive; these payments allowed her to forego her salary from her full-time employment so that she could fully participate in campaign activities.”

It continued: “However, because she received some of those funds, totaling $10,800, for time periods in which she was no longer a congressional candidate, those funds were inconsistent with [the campaign law’s] personal use restrictions.”

Despite the guilty verdict, Tlaib won her congressional primary this week and will be up for re-election in November. The closely contested primary with Detroit City Council President Brenda Jones resulted in Tlaib winning 66 percent of the vote.