DC Police Union Chairman Calls For More Police Amid Riots, Continued Unrest

The ongoing race riots and violent demonstrations in and around Washington D.C. point to a need for more law enforcement officers, not less, D.C. Police Union Chairman Greggory Pemberton told the Daily Caller.

In an interview, the head of the D.C. Police Union said the protests are calling for fewer police officers on the streets but their acts of violence are arguing the opposite.

“Over this past week beginning with the [Republican National Convention], demonstrators and rioters have once again proved the opposite of their agenda. This city needs cops and it needs a lot more of them. The department has suspended our schedules and suspended days off; many members are working 18 plus hours straight,” Pemberton told the outlet.

“The demand to have hundreds of police officers downtown to address these riots takes officers out of our most vulnerable neighborhoods, which delays the service we provide to citizens,” he continued.

“With crime spiking due to irresponsible and ham-fisted police reform efforts, it is long past time that cities around the country get serious about arresting those responsible for these crimes and that the prosecutors and courts hold them accountable,” Pemberton added.

Protests erupted Wednesday night in Washington D.C. after police shot and killed 18-year-old Deon Kay. Protesters initially claimed Kay was unarmed at the time of the shooting but bodycam footage from the incident show he did have a firearm drawn at the time of the shooting.

By Wednesday evening, the protests blanketed the city and continued through the night. They also included vandalism and other acts of violence.