Report: Media Glorified Or Defended Riots, Violent Protests At Least 31 Times

Mainstream media has been instrumental in promoting race riots and violent demonstrations happening across the country, the Daily Caller reports, as on at least 31 occasions, more than a dozen outlets defended or otherwise glorified the protests.

Just last week, CNN described the protests as “mostly peaceful” while objects and buildings in the background were literally on fire.

The Daily Caller reports: “As the violence broke out in American cities in late May and June, dozens of news outlets provided a platform for commentators, professors, and activists who not only acknowledged that rioting and looting were taking place, but sought to either justify the violence as a valid protesting technique or as a form of righteous rebellion against an unjust system.”

According to the report, the bulk of the pieces pushed the following narratives:

  • Rioting is patriotic, and it works.
  • Rioting and looting are valid protesting tactics against police brutality.
  • These aren’t violent riots. It’s an uprising.

The report goes on to specifically identify 31 occasions, including reports, opinion pieces, interviews, and other segments, that defended the protests.

Check out the Daily Caller list below: