San Francisco Gym Owners Furious After Learning Govt Gyms Have Been Open For Months

Private gym owners in San Francisco have been told for months not to reopen their facilities due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The rules, mandates, and lockdown orders stopping their facilities from reopening have been for their safety, California lawmakers have said, pointing to social distancing guidelines and health advisories by the CDC and WHO.

But, as the Washington Examiner reports, gym owners are expressing outrage after learning that gyms in government buildings have remained open the last few months.

“It’s shocking, it’s infuriating,” Crossfit Golden Gate owner Daniele Rabkin told NBC News Bay Area. “Even though they’re getting exposed, there are no repercussions, no ramifications? It’s shocking.”

According to the report, one such gym, the Hall of Justice gym, was reopened on July 1—which the lockdown order which led to the arrest of Oceanside Metroflex Gym owner Lou Uridel was still in effect.

MX3 Fitness owner Dave Karraker said the decision by lawmakers to keep their own facilities open and operating but shutting down private facilities is a “double standard.”

“It just demonstrates that there seems to be some kind of a double standard between what city employees are allowed to do and what the residents of San Francisco are allowed to do,” he said.

“What the city has unwillingly done is created this great case study that says that working out indoors is actually safe,” Karraker continued. “So, at this point, we’re just demanding that they allow us to have the same workout privileges for the citizens of San Francisco that the employees of San Francisco have.”

The Washington Examiner reports the discovery also comes just days after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi violated a lockdown order by visiting a salon:

The report comes after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was recorded in a San Francisco salon without a face mask, despite local orders mandating that such establishments be closed.

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“It was a slap in the face that she went in, you know, that she feels that she can just go and get her stuff done while no one else can go in, and I can’t work,” salon owner Erica Kious told Fox News last week of Pelosi.

“We have been shut down for so long, not just me, but most of the small businesses, and I just can’t — it’s a feeling — a feeling of being deflated, helpless, and honestly, beaten down,” Kious said.

Pelosi, who reportedly initiated the visit, was asked to apologize for the incident but refused. She later claimed she was “set up” by the facility and that she did not know about the restrictions.

“I take responsibility for trusting the word of the neighborhood salon that I have been to many times,” Pelosi said to a group of reporters last week. “When they said they could accommodate people one at a time, and we can set up that time, I trusted that.”