‘Where Were You On 9/11?’: Americans Recall Experiencing The Terrorist Attacks 19 Years Later

September 11, 2001, was an unforgettable date.

In New York City, the cool, crisp air and mostly clear skies on that Tuesday morning were very quickly blackened by jet fuel smoke as terrorists flew two commercial jets into the World Trade Center buildings. Moments later, these buildings collapsed, the Pentagon was struck by a third plane, and an additional hijacked plane crashed outside of Somerset County, Pennsylvania—never reaching its intended target because of the heroic actions of the crew and the passengers.

These events forever changed the world and for the many who experienced it, the events of that morning are seared into their memories.

The anniversary of these attacks offers people a unique opportunity to look back and recall the day’s events—where they were and who they were spending those moments with.

Many people responded to Fox News’ Jerry Dunleavy, who asked his followers on Twitter to recall their memories of that day.

Check out their responses below:

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