‘Amazing’: NFL Wears Name Of Fallen Police Officer On Jersey

Jacksonville Jaguars’ tight end Tyler Eifert made a bold move to support law enforcement officers while many of his colleagues in the NFL continue to kneel or remain in the locker room during the playing of the National Anthem.

Eifert, who played all 16 games last season with the Cincinnati Bengals, honored fallen police officer David Dorn during his Sunday game against the Colts.

As the Daily Caller reports, Eifert had Dorn’s name written on the back of the helmet he wore when his team won their divisional match-up versus the Indianapolis Colts.

“Dorn was a retired police captain who was murdered at the age of 77 during the riots in St. Louis this summer in June,” the Daily Caller adds.


The Daily Caller described the decision as a “100% pure class move” to honor the police hero killed by a suspected looter:

While the rest of the league might want to debate other shootings and kneel for the anthem, Eifert took a stand for a true hero.

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David Dorn did nothing wrong other than simply exist during a riot, and he was savagely killed. Why didn’t more players wear his name?

In all seriousness, this is an incredibly brave move from Eifert. To honor a police officer in an era where it’s not popular at all in sports is about one of the bravest things you could do.

Hear more about Dorn’s story below:

Many people thanked Eifert online: