‘Don’t Be Afraid Of It’: Trump Addresses The Country After Returning From Walter Reed

President Trump returned to the White House on Monday afternoon after being treated for the coronavirus at the Walter Reed Medical Center.

In an inspiring message, the president encouraged Americans not to let the virus “dominate” the way they want to live.

“I just left Walter Reed Medical Center and it’s really something very special… the doctors, the nurses, the first responders. And I learned a lot about the coronavirus and one thing that’s for certain: don’t let it dominate you,” Trump said.

“Don’t be afraid of it,” he continued.

The president said he recovered quickly and that the virus was nothing to be fearful of.

“You’re going to beat it. We have the best medical equipment. we have the best medicines — all developed recently. You’re going to beat it. I went and I didn’t feel so good. Two days ago I felt great … better than 20 years ago,” he said.

“Don’t let it dominate,” Trump echoed. “Don’t let it take over your lives. Don’t let that happen. We have the greatest country in the world.

The president also assured that the Trump administration would continue to work on developing a vaccine.

“We’re going back to work and we’re going to be out front,” he said.

Trump also suggested he contracted the coronavirus after exposing himself to many different people and venues while he campaigns for re-election. He claimed: “As your leader, I had to do that.”

“I stood out front. I led,” Trump continued. “I know there’s a risk [and] a danger. That’s ok. And now, I’m better.

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“Don’t let it dominate your lives. Get out there. Be careful. We have the best medicines in the world.

The president also said vaccines would be coming “very shortly.”