Dems, Media Slams Pence For ‘Mansplaining’ At VP Debate

Who won Wednesday night’s debate between Vice President Pence and Democratic challenger Kamala Harris? Depends on who you ask.

With post-debate analyses flooding the internet, a full range of commentary is available regarding the winner. This includes conservative outlets mostly declaring Pence the winner.

Conversely, liberal outlets are applauding Harris’ performance and accusing Pence of behaving in a sexist manner—or about a fly that landed on his head.

Another reaction from the debate is that Pence was guilty of talking over Harris, of interrupting her, and of “mansplaining” policy differences. Some outlets even criticized Pence for speaking over moderator Susan Page and for directly asking Harris questions.

The Federalist reports ABC News’s post-debate panel said there was “some mansplaining going on tonight.”

“Mike Pence is a former television commentator and does have a very calm demeanor, but I think a lot of people were noticing some mansplaining going on tonight,” he said.

Political commentator S.E. Cupp similarly tweeted: “Pence’s mansplaining, interrupting, condescending and general smarminess is at an 11 tonight. No wonder suburban women have left the Republican Party in droves.”

Responding to the alleged sexism, conservative blogger Matt Walsh wrote in an op-ed with the Daily Wire that these claims were intending to distract from Harris’ poor debate performance:

Right on cue, nearly as soon as the broadcast concluded, Dan Rather, George Stephanopolous, and others in the news media were accusing Pence of “mansplaining.” Major Garret at CBS meanwhile gushed with pride, exclaiming that Harris was a role model for women everywhere when she asserted herself against the rude man who kept arguing with her, almost as if they were taking part in an event where the whole point is to argue with each other.

NBC presidential historian Michael Beschloss noted that Pence was interrupting not just one woman but two — both his female opponent and the female moderator. This, he says, showed a “lack of respect.” Over on CNN, S.E. Cupp was apoplectic, ranting about how Pence’s alleged sexism and “mansplaining” was “infuriating” and made her skin crawl. Predictably, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez got in on the identity politics action, saying that Pence daring to ask questions directly to Harris was misogynistic and “exemplary of the gender dynamics so many women have to deal with at work.” Feminist writer Jill Filipovic claimed, bizarrely, that it was “condescending” and “sexist” for Pence to call Kamala by her name.

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