In First Public Address Since Covid-19 Diagnosis, Trump Says He Will Stop Liberals From Turning U.S. Into ‘A Socialist Country’

President Trump held his first in-person event since testing positive for the coronavirus on Saturday when he hosted 300-400 people at the South Lawn of the White House.

The president expressed that he was “feeling great” and that he could not afford to wait on the sidelines ahead of a consequential presidential election.

On the line: Democrats potentially turning the U.S. into a “socialist country,” Trump claimed.

“I’m feeling great,” he said, as Axios reports.

“We’re starting very big with our rallies … because we cannot allow our country to become a socialist country,” Trump added.

Speaking from the balcony, he continued: “Through the power of the American spirit, I think more than anything else, science, medicine will eradicate the China virus once and for all.”

The president was cleared by the Walter Reed Medical Center to leave the facility last week and was medically cleared to hold the event. The president is also no longer taking medication to treat the coronavirus but the White House has not yet announced if the president has tested negative for the coronavirus.

In his remarks, Trump addressed the still-ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“We’ll get rid of it all over the world. See big flare-ups in Europe, flare-up in Canada. You saw that today. A lot of flare-ups. It is going to disappear. It is disappearing and the vaccines are going to help and the therapeutics are going to help a lot,” he said.

As Axios also reports, Friday marked the third day in a row that the U.S. saw more than 50,000 new cases:

The state of play: The U.S. is facing another wave of COVID-19 cases as temperatures begin to drop and states continue their gradual reopenings. The pace of coronavirus infections increased last week in 23 states plus Washington, D.C., and only declined in four states and Puerto Rico, Axios’ Sam Baker writes.

  • The last time the U.S. recorded over 50,000 new cases for three consecutive days was in mid-August.

Between the lines: The uptick in cases comes amid cooling weather, which could accelerate the virus’ transmission, per the MIT Technology Review.

  • Flu season is also on the horizon — putting more strain on many of the same medical resources needed to treat the coronavirus.