‘I’m Not Backing Biden’: Liberals Back To Hating John Bolton After He Says He Won’t Vote For Dem Ticket

John Bolton has indicated that he will not vote for either major-party presidential candidate in the November election.

During an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on Saturday, the former Trump national security adviser said he would not vote for his former boss, who he routinely criticizes, or his Democratic challenger but would instead write in “another Republican.”

When Wolf tried to get Bolton to endorse Biden, he responded: “I am not backing Biden, just to be clear. I’m going to write in the name of another Republican.”


Failing to tow the Democratic line and being vehemently anti-Trump caused some backlash online from Republicans (for months of criticizing Trump) and Democrats (for failing to endorse their candidate).

“John Bolton is [a] cowardly rat and deserves the Karma that is inevitably coming his way,” one user said, as BizPac Review highlighted.

Several others piled on criticism:

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