Cuomo Responds After Speculation He’ll Be Biden’s Attorney General

Attorney General Andrew Cuomo?

That’s one more thing on the line this November as Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is reportedly considering Cuomo to join his administration and lead his justice department.

As Axios reports, Democrats in the state are so convinced that Biden, who maintains a friendship with Cuomo, will choose him to join his administration that officials at the National Governors Association, which Cuomo chairs, are looking into possible replacements.

The report adds:

What we’re hearing: Some Democratic donors in Cuomo’s orbit tell Axios that the governor is being pushed for the job and that Biden would consider him, based on their long friendship.

Why it matters: The AG would be among the most politically sensitive — and high-profile — jobs in a Biden administration.


Cuomo, who previously served as New York’s AG, has a long history with Biden.

Through his late father Mario, Cuomo’s known Biden since the 1980s. The two grew closer during the Hurricane Sandy reconstruction efforts and Cuomo’s time serving in Bill Clinton’s Cabinet as secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

The Biden campaign is pushing back on the rumors, saying the two men have not yet discussed the matter.

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Cuomo’s senior adviser Richard Azzopardi told Axios: “100% he’s made zero outreach, has had zero conversations about this and has made his desire to stay in New York clear as day and be governor as long as people want him.”

As Fox News reports, Cuomo directly addressed the rumors during an interview on Monday morning.

He said he had “no interest” and didn’t know where they were coming from.

“I’m a New Yorker,” Cuomo told NBC’s “Today.” “I said I would serve as governor, and those rumors, those are only from people who want to get me out of New York. I don’t know why but that’s where that’s coming from.”

According to the report, Biden “is clearly fond of Cuomo” but that he would be expected to diversify his presidential cabinet. Other names Biden is reportedly considering include former acting Attorney General Sally Yates and failed gubernatorial candidate Stacy Abrams.

Any potential attorney general under Biden would likely be tasked with investigating President Trump or members of his administration.