Trump Praises Watters’ Brutal Takedown Of Democrats’ Impeachment Argument

President Trump took to Twitter on Saturday to praise Fox News’ Jesse Watters and his brutal takedown of the Democrats’ impeachment arguments.

“The President won today,” Watters said during an opening monologue on his show, quickly noting how Trump’s legal defense dismantled days of Democratic arguments in less than three hours. “After a week of hearing from Adam Schiff, Trump’s team finally was allowed to talk today. And in two hours, they demolished the Democrats’ case.”

“Even the mainstream media admitted they put on a great defense. It was like the media had never heard all the facts before,” Watters contended, per BizPac Review reporting. “They hadn’t.”

“Because Adam Schiff and the Democrats set all this up in secret and denied Trump’s lawyers — for five months — the right to make their case. And they hid a lot of the evidence from the Senate. Even I heard new information today,” the host admitted.

Watters pointed out that President Zelensky of Ukraine did not feel pressured in any way during a July 25 phone call and did not know any financial aid was delayed at the time of the call.

“Read the transcript,” Watters said. “There was no talk about delaying aid on the call. Trump asked Ukraine’s president to ‘do us a favor’ — the American people. That was, to investigate election interference and to investigate corruption. The president of Ukraine and his people said the call was a good call and he felt no pressure. The Ukraine president and his people never even knew the aid was delayed until the U.S. media reported it.”

“We also found out that Trump had delayed aid to a bunch of countries — nothing illegal about that [because it happens all the time with all presidents],” he continued, per BizPac Review. “Trump delayed aid to Afghanistan because of corruption, delayed aid to South Korea because of [military] basing cost issues, delayed aid to Central American countries because they weren’t helping to stop illegal immigration, and delayed aid to Pakistan because of terrorism.”

“Sondland said he assumed Trump had a quid pro quo going on,” Watters said. “Sondland said he was guessing that Trump was linking aid to investigations. He admitted that he had no evidence for it. And he’s the Democrats’ star witness! And when Sondland spoke to the President, Trump said there was no quid pro quo.”

The Fox News host then exclaimed: “It’s over! Their whole case is based on someone’s speculation. The Democrats have no witness who provides any evidence of a quid pro quo. They never did because it never happened.”

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Watters then brought into question the integrity of the Democratic congressman spearheading the impeachment process, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff.

“Why are we supposed to believe anything Adam Schiff says, anyway?” the host asked. “He lied about Russian collusion for three years. He fabricated Trump’s phone call on live television, and he lied about his relationship with the ‘whistleblower.’ He has no credibility.”

“Now, more Americans are against impeachment than they are for it,” Watters claimed. “The more they listened to the Democrats, the more they disagreed [with them]. Look at the ratings. They’re getting smoked [by soap operas]!”

“Look at the ratings for impeachment compared to other big political events: Kavanaugh, Comey, Michael Cohen. All that stuff crushed Adam Schiff. Crushed him! When is this going to end? Next week, hopefully, after the White House closes hard, probably lays into [the Biden boys], and the Senate votes to acquit,” he predicted.

President Trump praised the remarks, sharing the video and tweeting: “All Democrats should watch this!”