WHOA: Democratic Senator Calls Hunter Biden A ‘Relevant Witness’

Democratic Senator Joe Manchin said on Wednesday that Hunter Biden, the son of former Vice President Joe Biden, is a “relevant witness” in the ongoing Senate impeachment trial.

“I think so, I really do. I don’t have a problem there because this is why we are where we are,” Manchin said when asked about Hunter Biden during a segment on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” as the Hill reports.

“Now I think he can clear himself, what I know and what I’ve heard, but being afraid to put anyone that might have pertinent information is wrong, no matter if you’re a Democrat or a Republican,” Manchin continued.

From the report:

The Bidens have been a focus for the GOP throughout the impeachment fight, with some Republicans claiming the former vice president abused his power when he pushed for the ouster of a Ukrainian prosecutor who was accused of corruption and had investigated Burisma Holdings, an energy company that counted Hunter Biden among its board members.

Officials who testified in the House’s impeachment investigation said Joe Biden was acting on behalf of official U.S. foreign policy in pushing for the dismissal and that the prosecutor’s investigation of Burisma was reportedly long dormant before he was pushed out from his position in Kyiv. No evidence has emerged to suggest either Biden committed any wrongdoing in Ukraine.

Watch his comments below:

Manchin’s comments come amid a debate over whether the chamber will allow additional witnesses in the ongoing impeachment trial, something Democrats want.

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Should Democrats convince enough Republicans to join them in voting for additional witnesses, each senator will be allowed to propose a vote on a potential witness.

Republican Senator Josh Hawley said he would want to hear from former Vice President Joe Biden, his son Hunter Biden, the whistleblower and Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson, should more witnesses be called.

Politico reports:

The Missouri Republican is preparing to file subpoena requests for witnesses and documents that Democrats and Republicans alike won’t want to vote on.

Their tactics are intended to convince a handful of senators to sink a vote next week to consider new evidence in President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial. Trump’s attempt to pressure Ukraine to investigate the Bidens is at the heart of the impeachment case against the president.

Republican Senators Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, who have expressed they do not want to hear from additional witnesses, have said they will force a vote on Hunter Biden, should the preliminary vote to hear from new witnesses pass.


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